Hello! My name is Sophie Bardetti and I am a senior here at Middlebury College. This spring, I have had the pleasure of participating in Professor Pam Berenbaum’s seminar: Critical Frameworks for Social Change (INTD 0426). Our task as students is to design and implement our own social change project.


I have always been drawn to provocative, “unconventional” art— art that some people wouldn’t dare to label art. In my mind, this kind of mundane, yet obscure, art can be some of the most transcendental and inspiring.


And sometimes, it’s too difficult or painful to put the words together to describe an experience.


My intention in creating Safe Spaces is to increase empathy toward survivors and to inspire deeper conversations about sexual assault. These symbolic representations of space serve to push our community to think critically about the repercussions of sexual assault.


I want to let these pieces speak for themselves, for the most part, but I also want to be clear about my intentions in creating this installation.


1. I do not claim to speak on behalf of all survivors of sexual assault; every person has unique trauma; themes portrayed in this project are not comprehensive of the vast variety of sexual assault experiences

2. I acknowledge and apologize for any negative responses that this project might trigger for survivors. My intention is certainly not to cause more harm to survivors, but rather to inspire visibility, validation, and mutual respect throughout our community.